In the bitter mid-winter
In search of a secret summer
Hope did splinter
And all lay asunder

Waters rage and thrash
Promises wither and shatter
Hearts part without a clash
All is matter; no matter

The sun grows paler
Storm clouds gain speed
To the pleas of the lone sailor
The winds pay…

The secret of being a bore is to tell everything — Voltaire

The iceberg theory, coined by Hemingway, is a powerful and influential idea in literature.

A writer should deeply understand the characters and underlying themes of a story, but they shouldn’t spell them out for the reader. Only the…

(This article contains spoilers from God of War)

Leveling up your character is one of the great pleasures of gaming.

I’ve unconsciously developed a certain habit for leveling up. I tend to accumulate the ‘leveling currency’ (points, money, parts, etc.) until I find myself struggling against enemies, or perhaps a…

Before voice acting became ubiquitous in video games, dialogue had to be communicated through text. This meant that dialogue was generally experienced in two ways. By watching subtitled cutscenes, or by tapping through text.

This activity was, by nature, passive. The exception is games where you actually had to make…

Aditya V

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